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Welcome to
The FC Collective

We are a black-owned art gallery established in 2020 seeking to bring our collectors the most unique, high-quality, and breathtaking pieces by underrepresented artists from around the world. If 2020 taught us nothing else it's that time is precious and so we must pursue our passions like there is no tomorrow. In our pursuit of our passions we found a true calling for black art and an appreciation for all underrepresented artists works. We each have a story to tell and historically it is the stories of underrepresented artists that have been ignored, silenced, or simply unappreciated.

With the recent surge in demand for underrepresented artists we are starting to see the powerful works of these artists and finally hearing their stories. This has been an enlightening and empowering experience for us as we learn to look at, listen to, and respect the stories they have to tell.

We hope you find artwork that resonates with you and if not feel free to reach out so we can do a personal curation to understand who you are and what you might be interested in. We hope to connect all of our visitors with a piece they will cherish and love.

Welcome to The FC Collective.

Adrian & Micha

Behind the Lights
Meet our team
Adrian Fletcher

Our founder Adrian fell in love with curating underrepresented artists in 2020. Since then he has been a passionate art collector, advocate, curator, and broker with dreams to connect new collectors with art they too will love.

Michaela Campbell

Our co-founder Michaela also found her appreciation for art during 2020. Specifically she is passionate about figurative works that showcase the beauty of women in abstract ways.

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